The Golden Book of Amsterdam Museums | English version

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There are so many things to discover in Amsterdam… This book explores the stories behind buildings, paintings, people and museums in Amsterdam.

Where will the King go on his boat trip? Who is the little girl on Rembrandt’s The Night Watch? And why do Marten and Oopjen go out to buy such beautiful clothes?

Find out about these and many more things in The Golden Book of Amsterdam Museums.

Also in Dutch.


- Vincent and Camille,

- Aap en mol in het paleis,

- Just like Anne,

- Marten en Oopjen maken zich mooi,

- The girl in the golden dress,

- Houtje en Blauwtje,

- De koning gaat uit varen en

- Met Annie en Joop naar de bioscoop.


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196 pages | 25,3 x 19,6 cm | 3+

The golden book of Amsterdam Museums | Hardcover | Rubinstein b.v.
ISBN: 9789047627142 | € 20.00