Prudence and the amazing adventure | Charlotte Gastaut | Engels

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There are lots of things Prudence has to do before she leaves the house. But what she really WANTS to do is have the most exciting adventure on earth instead...

Join Prudence as she dances through underwater kingdoms, plays in tropical forests, and meets many surprising new friends.

Prudence's parents are calling her to hurry up: it's time to go! But she also must tidy up her room before going out. Prudence would much prefer to dream about other worlds... A surprise book full of cut-outs and transparent papers to play with, dream in and escape from one world to another over the pages.   

Charlotte Gastaut is a French illustrator with numerous picture books, novels and non-fiction titles to her name. She created the artwork for Fendi's 2016 Autumn haute couture collection.

Prudence and the amazing adventure | Charlotte Gastaut | Thames & Hudson | Engels | 9780500652091 | Hardcover