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Moodies by Character
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Hello, we are good at resisting temptation and rarely overindulge.

In fact, we tend to avoid any kind of extreme behavior and rarely find ourself having to apologize for something we said or did.

We are calm and able to deal easily with difficult situations.

We're having a good sense about things. If we wanted to walk alone, then we have a good reason for that.

All of us are rational and reasonable. We have a good judgment and are very practical if we wanted to learn new tricks
( dogtraining ).

We are strong willed and natural problem solvers. So if you need a dog to talk to, hey here I am for you.

Each DOG has his own painted symbol or text like: numbers, cross, hi, love, win, dad
OUR skin is made of PU. Handpainted and decorated with accessories such as buttons, screws and fasteners. We are 6-8 cm height and all unique!

Each one of us is one-of-a-kind, we are all unique!

We are handmade by a small family in Bangkok.