Seeds for Butterflies

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 S E E D S . F O R . B U T T E R F L I E S  The package include a mix of several nectar-rich flowers seeds. The crop height ranges from 20-80 cm. Just save the planet by planting these seeds.

S E E D S . F O R . B U T T E R F L I E S  I A sunny, sheltered location is the ideal location for your nectar garden. Butterflies appreciate large rocks on which to sun, as well as shallow puddles for drinking. Sowing these seeds so that your small garden contains a tempting nectar treat for visiting creatures at all times of year.

Includes: papaver | dill | phlox and other seeds. Sowing from March-June and Blossom from May-September. As you plant your nectar-rich garden, keep in mind the needs of the creatures that will be visiting. Maintaining a toxin-free habitat is essential to their health, so avoid treating your plants with pesticides.

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