Seeds for Bees

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 S E E D S . F O R . B E E S  The package include a mix of several nectar-rich flowers seeds. The crop height ranges from 40-90 cm. Just save the planet by planting these seeds.

S E E D S . F O R . B E E S  I A sunny, sheltered location is the ideal location for your nectar garden. Sowing these seeds so that your small garden contains a tempting nectar treat for visiting creatures at all times of year.

Includes: lemon balm | coreopsis ( large-flowered tickseed ) and other seeds. Sowing from March-June and Blossom from May-September. As you plant your nectar-rich garden, keep in mind the needs of the creatures that will be visiting. Maintaining a toxin-free habitat is essential to their health, so avoid treating your plants with pesticides.

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