Hotel Kids Only Amsterdam | Charlotte Borggreve | Ingrid Robers | English

Uitgeverij Rubinstein
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Hotel Kids Only is just what kids need during those endless hours spent sitting on a plane, in the car, twiddling thumbs at the dining table, or wandering round and around the hotel room! Also recommended for all you Amsterdam kids!

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It’s filled with fun things for kids to do, both inside and out. The puzzles, crafts and games are guaranteed to give children a delightful introduction to the city of Amsterdam.

Around the table: draw and colour, solve puzzles together, learn Dutch words and turn napkins into rabbits.

In the hotel room: colour your own Night Watch, tease your brain with riddles, play Hotel Topsy Turvy in the hotelroom or sing famous Dutch songs.

Out in the city: what do you see? And who’s that standing in the queue? Perry the Pigeon (who appears somewhere on every page in the book) guides children through the games, puzzles, crafts and riddles.

Auteurs: Charlotte Borggreve, Ingrid Robers & Illustrator: Ingrid Robers

Hotel Kids Only Amsterdam | Hardcover | Rubinstein b.v.
ISBN: 9789047616801 | € 9.95