★ S T O R Y

Story of the moodies

Love and happiness is an elementary mindset for living creativity with Boy and Nong.

Why do the people in the village look so happy? The answer is because of as a valued customer who supports their work, providing them the opportunity to keep them work from home.


The story begins here. Boy’s father is an officer who works for an organization that supports children with disability. Boy’s mother owns a small garment factory. Both of them are officially voted by the locals to be the village leader because this family has contributed so many things socially.

They try their best to look after everyone in the village. Such this influence, Boy got an idea that he could create jobs for those who wish to work near their home. Not too long after his idea, he hired and trained necessary skills to the joined villagers. He also hired some skilled workers who work for his mom. When there is no work at the factory, these workers wish to work part-time for Boy and Nong to get extra money. The majority of these people are housewives who have kids. They can work at any time, just have to finish the time line. They can work close to their family, nobody has to migrate to Bangkok to get a better job to earn more money. The majority of these people are housewives who have kids.


We SUPPORT fair trade. We CARE about the people who make the moodies. No child labour, honest salary and a good environment.


Moodie Familie

Hi wij zijn de Moodie familie, een hele grote familie met verschillende kenmerken, groot, klein, stof, verschillende vormen, kleuren en accessoires. We hebben allemaal een verschillend karakter. Sommige van ons zijn heel intelligent of houden ontzettend van kunst en zijn creatief. Anderen zijn weer erg makkelijk in de omgang, optimistisch en houden van klassieke muziek. We zijn gemaakt van stof en PU leer en zijn gedecoreerd met allerlei accessoires, zoals een kleine ketting, een symbool, kralen, vilt en knopen. We zijn handgemaakt en komen uit Bangkok. Onze familie is one-of-a-kind en dat maakt ons zo uniek.