Tillandsia Ionantha Green NEW

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Organic Paper

Tillandsia Ionantha green for flower arrangements and bouquets. 

MORE GREEN in the city, in your store, office and finally in the homes.

The Tillandsia Ionantha green is a very exclusive product. The Ionantha kind, in general, is one of the most common species within the epiphyte family of Tillandsia. Because of its small and compact form, it is very easy to use in flower arrangements and bouquets. Moreover, the Ionantha red is highly decorative and beautiful to combine and use for decoration purposes. The Tillandsia Ionantha red requires also very little care compared to other Tillandsia species, which makes it a great and easy-care product to have and work with.

There are many types of Tillandsia Ionantha.
This particular species is native to Central and South America and mostly lives in desert-like climates.  

★ tillandsia ionantha green ★ 6 x 6 cm ★ highly decorative ★ very easy to take care of

Spray your airplant regularly | Soak your airplant | Put your airplant in a bright spot, preferably with air circulation as it needs to dry off after watering | Protect your airplant from frosts at all times | Protect your airplant from direct sunlight (indirect sunlight is the best)