Tillandsia Fasciculata NEW

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The Tillandsia Fasciculata is easy to put down steadily and therefore very easy to use in various decorations.. 

MORE GREEN in the city, in your store, office and finally in the homes.

The Tillandsia Fasciculata is mostly known for its bigger size within the family of Air Plants. It is also referred to as the giant airplant or cardinal airplant.

This air plant species originally grows in Central America, Mexico, parts of South America and even Southern states within the United States. The Fasciculata could also grow a very beautiful red/purple flower.

We are happy to provide you with this unique Fasciculata air plant, as it comes in two different sizes.

★ tillandsia fasciculata ★ 15 x 8 cm ★ cardinal airplant 

Spray your airplant regularly | Soak your airplant | Put your airplant in a bright spot, preferably with air circulation as it needs to dry off after watering | Protect your airplant from frosts at all times | Protect your airplant from direct sunlight (indirect sunlight is the best)