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Tillandsia Usneoides is a flowering plant (angiosperm) in the family Bromeliaceae (the bromeliads) which grows hanging from tree branches in full sun through partial shade. 

MORE GREEN in the city, in your store, office and finally in the homes.

The Tillandsia Usneoides, also known as Spanish moss, is a plant without roots from the epiphyte family. This plant gets its water and nutrients through its leaves from the (moist) air and raindrops. The Tillandsia Usneoides has curly grayish and long down-growing leaves that mostly hang over the branches of trees.

The beauty of this kind is that it spreads itself and living area by the help of Mother Nature. Mainly by wind or birds, this air plant is being moved and spread to other branches for example and so continues to develop and grow in other places, which is very different from our other air plants.

The Tillandsia Usneoides mostly lives in tropical areas with high humidity and under the right circumstances can grow to a length of 1 to 2 meters! The original habitat of this plant ranges from Argentina to southeastern United States. 

★ tillandsia usneoides ★ 50 - 60 cm ★ also known as Spanish moss ★ Usneoides means "resembling Usnea" 

Spray your airplant regularly | Soak your airplant | Put your airplant in a bright spot, preferably with air circulation as it needs to dry off after watering | Protect your airplant from frosts at all times | Protect your airplant from direct sunlight (indirect sunlight is the best)